Mighty Life List
May 11 2009

Distinguished Gentlemen

Photo by Peter DaSilva for the New York Times

This is a photo of Bryan and some other guys drinking bourbon in the New York Times. So now he gets to check that off, while I add “shoot tequila for a profile piece in the New Yorker” to my list. Bryan is a constant source of inspiration.

9 Responses to “Distinguished Gentlemen”

  • jess Says:

    is the one guy in the corner the only one without glasses? as much as this doesn’t bode well for the next generation’s vision, who can reset a man in glasses?

    i’m entertained. i eagerly await your profile piece in the new yorker. bonus points if the caption is “tequila makes her clothes fall off”

  • jess Says:

    resist* -crap- fat fingered that one.

  • Becky Says:

    Awesome! This looks like it was taken just moments before someone wheeled in the giant cake with the woman inside it.

  • LPC Says:

    I liked “reset” just as well.

  • amanda Says:

    I’d take Nyquil and Reader’s Digest at this point.

  • sabrina Says:

    Man–your hub hangs with the guys that invented Twitter? That’s High Society if you ask me:)

  • Jenny Says:

    Maggie, more bonus points if you’re quoted as saying, “Tequila: it makes me mean.”

  • Jessica Says:

    Coolio! You’re totally married to one of the cool kids. But, then, yer purty dang cool yerself!

    P.S. – it’s totally okay if you set me up with a childless man who doesn’t have red hair. Just sayin’.

  • laura francis Says:

    When I saw this piece this weekend I actually said out loud, very matter-of-factly, “Hey, that’s Mighty Girl’s husband.” When I put the paper down a minute later, my husband was giving me a WTF look. It was then – AND ONLY THEN!!- that I realized how totally ridiculous that sentence must have sounded to his virgin ears. My internet favorites reveal themselves, yet again, to be totally divergent from his. Sigh….