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May 6 2009

Rita Konig on Luxury

Thinking about a Rita Konig quote published in Domino:

“There’s something about the size of everything in Italy. The glass of wine is small and so is the order of spaghetti. Here, everything is too big, which is about value, not luxury.”

8 Responses to “Rita Konig on Luxury”

  • Sanguine Spice Says:

    Having recently moved back to the US after living in Europe for 3 years, I can honestly say that our European pals have got the whole ‘less is more’ concept pretty much nailed. It’s about savoring…relishing…being perfectly satisfied versus overly stuffed; whether with food, clothes, or objects. And doesn’t a perfectly gross global recession seems as good a time as any to hop on board with this concept?!

  • Mary @ Holy Mackerel Says:

    It’s so very obviously true. When we go to the States, we are blown away by the size of everything, and feel it’s a statement: BIGGER means better. Strange, but true.

  • Tabitha Says:

    @ Sanguine ~ Very nicely stated. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Beth in SF Says:

    Right on. My father-in-law has been complaining about this for years.

  • amy Says:

    that is something i noticed about italy as well – and loved it. proper serving sizes and a lack of salad dressing other than balsamic was really refreshing when i lived there.

  • Jessica Says:

    so true.

  • The Waterhole Says:

    Indeed. I remember trawling the coffee houses of New York pleading for “Coffee… in a real cup… and not, like, two litres of it!”

  • Marie Says:

    smiling at the fact that this post comes right before a McDonald’s ad….