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Apr 28 2009

Wait! Let’s be friends.

New parents at the coffee shop with their six-month old baby. “Why Don’t We Do it In the Road?” comes on the radio and mom bobs her head exaggeratedly. Baby waves his hands, happy and frantic. “Why don’t we do it in the roohohhoad!” mom croons. “No one will be watching us!” Dad joins in, shaking his shoulders a little.

Wiping up the table before they leave, baby joins in the upkeep. “Look!” Mom says. “He’s gonna be a busboy!” “Yes!” Dad says, “Yes, you are! You’re gonna be a buuusboy!”

20 Responses to “Wait! Let’s be friends.”

  • Joey Says:

    Lack of sleep is a serious thing, y’all.

  • The Bug Says:

    So what’s my excuse (no kids)? Hmmm – I think I’ll blame the hubby – he’s like having a kid anyway!

  • sevedra Says:

    *snicker* new parents are so cute!

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    That’s an awesome family.

  • Mary @ Holy Mackerel Says:

    Groovy, man!! I do that with my kids, and it embarrasses the hell outta them!! I guess once they’re 11 and 14, I need to stop. :o)

  • Brandy Says:

    I love parents who delight in the simple and don’t put ridiculous expectations on their infants. They just want and share happiness. It’s a lesson for all!

    And yes, Mary @ Holy Mackerel…how long can we be exaggerated and silly with them? We must seize the carp…carpe diem…whatever.

  • melissa Says:

    Somehow I think most are missing sarcasm of MG’s post.

    Inappropriate song for infants/children to be enjoying and low expectaions…

  • becky Says:

    If there is such a thing as an inappropriate song for infants, my kids are gonna be really screwed up. I’m missing the sarcasm–I think it’s more like total approval.

    I love these “overheard” posts!

  • Pop Kulture Victim Says:

    (I spelled it with a K because I’m extra klassy)

    This is like that episode of Friends where Ross sings Emma “Baby Got Back.”

  • Amanda Says:

    A year or so ago the song “Hot for Teacher” was playing on the radio. My dad turns to me and says, “You know, when you were little I used to dance around my office with you to this song….Actually, now that I think about it, that was kind of weird, huh?”

    And look at me, I turned out quite alright. :)

  • Joles Says:

    My father and I used to sing the duet from “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights”…before I figured out what it was about.

    Good music is good music.

  • sarah Says:

    When my son was about 5 we went around singing “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” Still send chills up my spine. . .

  • Meg Says:

    I sing to my 3 year old son and he looks at me rolls his eyes and says under his breath “don’t sing, mama”

  • schmutzie Says:

    I love that family.

  • April Says:

    When I was about 5 or so my Dad and I would sing “Islands in the Stream” together. You know, the Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton duet? I heard it for the first time in years a few months ago. HOLY INAPPROPRIATE!!

  • Andrea Says:

    Hmmmmmm I missed the sarcasm. My 2 1/2 month old loves dancing to Irish drinking with me while I sing. I got to bring out his Irish somehow!

  • Andrea Says:

    That should be Irish drinking songs!

  • Pandechion Says:

    I dance with my two-month-old to Erykah Badu songs about drug deals gone wrong.

  • Jessica Says:


  • Barmaid Says:

    I love it! And I don’t think Maggie was being sarcastic! I hope not anyway!