Mighty Life List
Apr 30 2009

Momversation: Teaching Kids Independence

We’ve decided we’ll let him watch TV with a bowl of candy until he’s ten, and then just send him to military school.

Apr 29 2009


How to Make a Baby

(via the very fun Swiss Miss)

The Beckoning of Lovely

(via the always inspiring Superhero Journal)

Apr 28 2009

Wait! Let’s be friends.

New parents at the coffee shop with their six-month old baby. “Why Don’t We Do it In the Road?” comes on the radio and mom bobs her head exaggeratedly. Baby waves his hands, happy and frantic. “Why don’t we do it in the roohohhoad!” mom croons. “No one will be watching us!” Dad joins in, shaking his shoulders a little.

Wiping up the table before they leave, baby joins in the upkeep. “Look!” Mom says. “He’s gonna be a busboy!” “Yes!” Dad says, “Yes, you are! You’re gonna be a buuusboy!”

Apr 27 2009

We’ve Out-Nerded Them

Holy crap. Did you get my back on the Moleskine laptop or what? Thank you, guys. You are goodies.

As it turns out, you want a Molekskine laptop too. (Make one, ASUS. Do it.) There was much discussion about exactly what you want, so instead of doing my wallet-laptop spiel, this next post is a roundup of your most desired features and clever comments.

We’ll also talk about this thrilling photo:

Gah! Give me that.

Also! A couple of you had your own ideas about dream laptops, and I found this intriguing. To be honest, I’ve never spent much time making laptop wishes until I got this assignment, but it’s surprisingly fun. Tell me your computer fantasies! Unless they involve fox costumes and beeswax — in which case, this might not be the best forum.

Anyway, go see! Tell me what you think. And thanks again.

Apr 24 2009

Kidding Around

Two things reminding me of childhood:

This painting looks just like the slide in my childhood backyard. It shook when you slid down, but for the most part we could never use it because wasps were perpetually building nests beneath it.

In other news, we happen to know two former yo-yo champions. For some reason, I’m disproportionately impressed by this skill. The link takes you to a video of them messing around on the deck of our cabin.

Apr 23 2009

Behave Yourself

I find it fascinating that some prison etiquette is just a hyper amplification of the same respect issues we face in outside life:

“5. Do not talk about people unless they are present. Do not whine or complain – especially around lifers – or you may get smashed. Don’t lie, and always keep any promises you make. If you’re a short-timer don’t talk about it. Don’t ask people how much time they are serving, or for why.”

Apr 23 2009

Party Hat for Brides

When I got married, I was looking for something just like this to don for my reception (after I’d shed my veil). I didn’t find mine in time, but maybe I can help you out, my blushing brides. Here it is at Handle and Spout.