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Mar 26 2009

40 Reasons I Love Bryan Mason

Happy 40th birthday, Bryan! A few of the reasons I adore you:

1. On our first trip to Argentina, you were excited about my suggestion that we spend two hours a day of our vacation in private tango lessons.
2. When I’m upset, you infuriate me by cracking jokes until I laugh.
3. You took me on a road trip with our 5-week old baby.
4. You have a steel-plated backbone.
5. On one of our first dates, you took me on a surprise kayak camping trip. You packed candles and a tablecloth.
6. You make a mean chili.
7. You cried over our vows.
8. If it’s important, and you say you’ll do it, you do it.
9. When someone handed you the microphone unexpectedly at one of Hillary Clinton’s rallies, you introduced a stage full of political bigwigs, one by one, without a list of their names.
10. You’re humble about your smarts.
11. It takes you about an hour to wrap a present so it meets your standards.
12. You’re a fighter.
13. Your resume is so absurd, it reads like fiction.
14. You’re helpful.
15. You taught me to respect bourbon.
16. You look incredible in a suit. Or a white cotton undershirt.
17. You’d be just as comfortable chatting with a Nobel Laureate or the drunkest guy at the dive bar.
18. You have more energy than anyone.
19. You can’t wait for the new episode of Dancing with the Stars.
20. You’re one of the kindest people I know.
21. When you’re phone rings, and the caller ID reads unknown, you assume it’s the Secret Service because it almost always is.
22. You like to help.
23. Once you’re in the shower, there’s no telling when I’ll see you again.
24. You have a lovely voice.
25. You married our friends in English, German, and Chinese.
26. You always smell good.
27. You take me seriously when I ask you how my makeup looks.
28. You love to celebrate.
29. You drink the water, eat at roadside stands, sample charcuterie in a village with 12 houses, and you never get sick.
30. You make things go.
31. When you arrive at the bar, you’re there to close it.
32. You are snuggly.
33. When you dip me, I know you won’t drop me.
34. You like to make things.
35. You’re an optimist.
36. I have never had to ask you to do the dishes.
37. You love to swim.
38. When I asked you to stop pointing out coiffed and professionally lit ex-girlfriends while we were watching TV, you did.
39. You can’t stay mad.
40. If our little boy grows up to be exactly like you, I’ll be proud.

67 Responses to “40 Reasons I Love Bryan Mason”

  • Leslie Says:

    Maggie, I love you and I love this list. I got divorced last year and lists like this remind me that it was exactly the right thing for me. I would love to feel about someone the way you feel about your husband, and I hope someday I will.

    Happy Birthday, Bryan. You’re a lucky guy.

  • Kizz Says:

    Happy Birthday B-May!

    Congratulations MightyG, you’re pretty lucky.

  • Stacey Ball Says:

    This is the best damn thing I have ever read.

  • Angella Says:

    Happy, happy birthday!

    My husband shares your day – I am thinking this is the perfect day for perfect husbands to be born.

  • bethany actually Says:

    Happy birthday, Bryan! I love your Superman mug.

  • Maggie Says:

    Maggie, my goodness. You made me teary at work!

    This is the sweetest thing I ever read.

  • poptart Says:

    Those are forty wonderful reasons that brought a tear to my eye and I’m guessing you have forty more. What a man!

  • Georgia Says:

    Awww. I’ll have what she’s having.

  • hi kooky Says:

    Wow. Happy Birthday Bryan! I can only imagine what that list will hold when he’s 80.

  • Edith Says:

    What a great guy! Happy Birthday!
    It’s nice that he is “helpful” and he “likes to help”.

  • steph Says:

    Jesus, after reading that, I think I love him too. You are so lucky! (You both are!)

    This is a great idea and a very good reminder of what we need to say to each other, every day. My 10th anniversary is coming up, and now I have decided I’m making him a top 10 list of reasons I love him. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  • beyond Says:

    happy birthday, bryan mason!
    great list, maggie. you are two lucky duckies…

  • alexis Says:

    that was awesome! happy birthday mighty guy!

  • Paul Says:

    Bryan, Maggie has raised the bar for husbandhood; that is, to your level.
    I hope I can just remember 20 of the 40 items she listed; let alone do them!

  • Daffodil Campbell Says:

    What a lovely list for someone who sounds like a lovely man. I am so glad he has a lovely wife who appreciates him !

    All my best to both of you, and many happy returns of the day Bryan.

  • Sarah Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bryan! Maggie–CLONE THAT MAN! You will make a fortune. Put me down for the first one, please. Thank you. (I just turned 40, too.)

  • Puanani Says:

    Lucky you. Lucky him. Happy Day!

  • Amber Says:

    You just made me tear up at work. What a lovely, lovely list. I hope you have an awesome birthday celebration together!

  • Colin Parte Says:

    Makes me want to be a better man!

  • Yolanda Says:

    I don’t know him, but thta list made me love him, too. I love, love.

  • kate Says:

    Um, you just made me love your husband too.

    That is a really beautiful tribute. And I’m totally stealing this idea for my equally-wonderful husband’s upcoming 5-0.

  • Jordan Says:

    Hooray for Bryan!!!!!

  • Maire Says:

    So then, does Bryan have a brother? Somewhere, on… say… the East Coast? Between DC and NY? Just wondering.

  • SarahThe Says:

    This is easily the most heartwarming list of love that I’ve ever read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joanna Says:

    Wow. THAT’S love, and THAT’S a good man. Mixing the silly with the serious is a great way to honor him!

  • Jess Says:

    Where can I find me one of them??

  • Aimee Greeblemonkey Says:

    Great post and great photo. Happy birthday, Bryan!

    (And my Bryan turns 40 this year too. Me, I get to wait another year.)

  • Kari-Mel Says:

    Wow, beautiful way to celebrate his day, and every day! What a wonderful tribute to honor the man that you love – and who we love just a little bit now too!

    Happy Birthday Bryan!

  • Dawn Says:

    What happy birthday greetings, indeed. And many, many more.

  • alice Says:

    I bet it was hard to stop at 40 reasons. Happy birthday, Bryan!

  • desiree fawn Says:

    this is such a fantastic list!
    happy birthday, bryan!

  • Meg Says:

    Well, this just made me cry. This is SUCH a great list, it makes me want to write my own. Happiest of birthdays Bryan!

  • Teary Eyed « this is temporary Says:

    […] March 27, 2009 I read a blog post today that was supposed to make me teary-eyed. It was heart-warming. But it didn’t make me well-up with tears. […]

  • e Says:

    All right, if you insist on making me believe there are good men out there, I suppose I’ll hold out a little longer…

    But I have to ask: Does the Secret Service thing not make you nervous, a little? I try not to let Hollywood too far into my head, but I think that would scare me.

  • Bonnie Says:

    Lucky b*tch.

  • tto Says:

    this is it.

  • Alyce Says:

    This filled me with cheer.

    Happy Birthday, Bryan!

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    You guys are the best.

  • Steph Says:

    Aww. That’s adorable.

    And now you need just one more comment!

  • Dana Says:

    Can we share him?

  • Kate Says:

    You have a man who always smells good?

    That is amazing!

    Happy Birthday.

  • The Old Ladies Says:

    Anyone who respects bourbon is a friend of ours!


    Happy Birthday Bryan!

    The Old Ladies

  • Beth in SF Says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank God there are still happy marriages out there.

  • Lulu Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, and Happy Birthday, Bryan!

    I hope Bryan prints this out and keeps it somewhere so if he ever has a bad day he can be reminded of what a marvelous wife, partner, and #1 fan he has. Cheers to you both.

  • schmutzie Says:

    Happy birthday, Mr.!

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    This made me tear up! I love you guys. And you’re right, Bryan has a lovely voice. xoxo

  • Sarah Says:

    Happy birthday Bryan, you sound like a very good guy indeed.

  • Tania Says:

    What a sweet post.

  • Manders Says:

    Aw. Sounds like a great guy (and you’re a great gal for writing this up). Happy birthday, Mighty Guy.

  • Anneli Says:

    Aww, that’s so incredibly sweet! :D Your man sounds like a really positive, fun guy!

  • Auntie Says:

    He’s a keeper! Happy 40th Bryan!

  • Rell Says:

    Awwww. Lovely. It’s funny, I think it’s in the name. I married a wonderful man named Brian, as did my mother (my dad’s a pretty terrific guy) and my sister is engaged to a fantastic Brian. Doesn’t matter how you spell it, bottom line is when mom’s name their boys Bri(y)an they’re starting them off right.

  • Rell Says:

    Oh! and Happy Birthday Bryan!

  • Jessica Says:

    so cute. Happy birthday!

  • Long Story Longer Says:

    Holy shit, that’s the sweetest list. If I ever find someone I can say half that stuff about, and I really hope I do, I’m going to hang on tight. (And maybe lock the doors. But not break his ankles or anything.)

  • Kim at allconsuming Says:

    you forgot:

    41. and you’re hawt

  • stacy Says:

    love love love this.

  • Holy Schmidt - Melanie Says:

    Reading this made me realize many of the small things that I love about my own husband.

    Happy birthday, B-May! Maggie’s a lucky woman to have you.

  • Alison Says:

    I always think that being comment #126 makes you completely redundant, but this post was so lovely I had to let you know how brilliant you are.

    “You’d be just as comfortable chatting with a Nobel Laureate or the drunkest guy at the dive bar.” is one of the reasons I’m with my bloke too.

  • Stephanie Says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that dating completely sucks; but I seriously hope that all the effort I’m putting in results in finding someone that makes me feel like making a great list like that.

  • Mouse Says:

    This is incredibly sweet. How wonderful for you two, and happy birthday to a (clearly) great guy!

  • PearlBerries Says:

    If I could hide you, Maggie, in my pocket and tote you around all day long to show me encouraging, funny and happy things, I TOTALLY WOULD!!

    That said: Happy 40th, Bryan! May your troubles be as few and as far apart as my Grandmothers teeth!

  • Kristina Says:

    Great. Now I want to marry him.

  • Sara Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to you Mighty Guy. Love it. (And way to pique my curiosity about his employment!)

  • laura francis Says:

    Thank you for inspiring my husband’s b-day present this year, Mighty girl. Sweet! Comme c’est beau….

  • amy Says:

    this list makes me want to fall in love. beautifully written…

  • Ajith Kumar Says:

    Wow! What a family.