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Mar 18 2009

SxSW 2009

My greatest regret was not attending the “Why is Professional Blogging Bloodsport for Women?” panel, so I could stand at the back of the room and yell “FAIL!” every few minutes.

Ah well, next year.

If you’d like to see all my photos, the rest are here. Somehow, I failed to photograph the two pregnant women I pretty much flew to Texas to see. The hell? I guess we were too busy drinking.

6 Responses to “SxSW 2009”

  • amber of TheAmberShow Says:

    The “Bloodsport” wasn’t a panel so much as a discussion, and it was in a tiny room, so it would have been really awkward if you did. (And awesome.)

  • LizAndrsn Says:

    Would those two preggers gals have been Dooce and Vickie Howell?

  • Jessica Says:

    dang! Next year every time just do it twice- “Fail! Fail!”

  • AustinJen Says:

    The sun shone a little brighter while you guys were here!

  • auntjone Says:

    Some of the men look bored. Typical.

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com Says:

    Great pictures! I’m sure fun was had by all, even if you didn’t get photos of the two pregnant women. Next time!