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Mar 11 2009

I’m Making Something Pretty

The Scoop posted a handmade version of the J Crew Astrid jacket a few months back, and when I saw it, little bluebirds flew in the window and landed on my shoulders, and talking mice scurried out of the closet with pins and spools of thread.

Amazing, right? I’ve been working on my own version in bright pink, so it’s extra ka-pow! Here are some of the petals:

It’s almost done, and it’s so good you’ll want to stuff it in your mouth when you see it. Upon seeing it, please restrain yourself, because I’d like to wear it once before I have it dry cleaned.

Making things makes me happy.

19 Responses to “I’m Making Something Pretty”

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com Says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • Steph Says:

    Dang sweetness! It’s gonna be real hard not to eat that-but I’ll try.

  • Meg Says:

    Oddly, that’s how I feel about babies too. I considered munching on a particularly adorable one’s head at Pirum on Monday.

  • cate Says:

    it will be faaaabulous.

  • Pervy Blakeney Says:

    Is that Summer Glau? That looks like Summer Glau. Except . . . less useful, maybe.

  • becky Says:

    Ooh, some is gonna be fanTABULOUS. Can’t wait!

  • Puanani Says:

    It is like wearing a lei, all the time!

  • jo-anne in vancouver Says:

    Oh my goddess that it gorgeous! Will be showing us how you did it?

  • Maggeh Says:

    Jo-Anne, I think the Scoop has a tutorial. I’ll link to it when I post photos of the sweater.

  • Jessica Says:

    you are such a trend setter!

  • Michelle Says:

    Very cool. Although, I’m not sure how I feel about you being able to make something this fabulous. Jealous? Happy for you? No. Nope. Jealous it is.

  • Bea Says:

    So totally impressed, and a little (LOTS) envious of your talents.

  • smallstatic Says:

    please, please, pretty please tell us how you’re making the florettes?

  • Why Mom Drinks Rum Says:

    I like! I want! Gimme!

    Reminds me of Anthropologie (the store I am determined to marry & make babies with)

  • Somer Says:

    Those colors are going to look CRAZY good with your ivory skin and red hair. Let me invoke Tyra Banks and say you’ll look FIERCE!

  • lisa b. Says:

    Thank God! you will show pictures of this when it is finished, or I may perish. At that point, I will implode due to savage envy.

  • Ella Says:

    Ok, PLEASE link to the DYI instructions. I was all over The Scoop and I must be blind cause I couldn’t see any instructions. The sweater, yes. The how-to, no. So I’ll wait for yours.

  • TPS Says:

    That would go well with the pink boots! Awesome.

  • Laura Says:

    ohhhh… i love your colors! i copied this too and have a pic somewhere on my blog under fashion… it was a huge sucess and i treasure it! can’t wait to see yours!