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Feb 26 2009

Hank is Two!

And he likes trucks, so we had a truck party. He stayed up all the way through his naptime and didn’t shove a single child to the ground as punishment for playing with his toys. Victory!

As you can tell, we’re big into parties. I’m providing details here, because I suspect I’ll answer lots of questions in comments if I don’t. If you’re also the type who shivers at the smell of hot glue, here you go:

Cone and Truck Garlands They’re made of felt affixed to ribbon with hot glue, and I cut all the little pieces out myself. You can cut four or five at a time.
Labels The cake flags, food labels, and the sticker on the favor sign were all gifts from Jordan who does Stuck Labels, which I mentioned yesterday. So. Cute. I’m suddenly labeling everything I own.
Favor tags They’re just metal-rimmed garage sale tags that I got at the hardware store. I drew on them, and replaced the string with ribbon.
Truck Cake Bryan made that with two pound cakes from the freezer section. He cut one in half and stacked it for the cab, then carved a bed out of other. The dirt is crumbled Oreos and frosting.*

Hooray for two! Hank, you’re my little buddy.

Traffic Cone Party Hats are from here.
Handmade Wooden Cars are from Clickity Clack Collectibles.

33 Responses to “Hank is Two!”

  • brittney Says:

    Looked like a rager. Love the “pick a truck” photo.

  • Jenn Says:

    Oh, Happy Birthday little man! Many, many, many happy returns.

    (Don’t believe what anyone says. Two is amazing.)

  • Puanani Says:

    There is nothing like the blowing out the candle shot. We all have one, with our cheeks puffed out like a blowfish. Welcome to the club, Hank!

  • Maddie Says:

    I just my way over to your blog…even though I have seen you on momversation before. I love it. You are too cute=)

  • Erin Says:

    I really enjoy your blog which I got onto somehow from the best blog awards site I think. Just wondering… what kind of camera are you using and do you have any photo tricks? Really lovely pictures with really lovely lighting (subjects aren’t bad either!).

  • allison Says:

    I knew you were a genius, but I had no idea you were so darn crafty! I love two. It’s a great age.

  • stephanie Says:

    Oh my, he is so cute. Happy belated birthday to your little buddy.

    p.s. I loved your snacks-for-guests jar idea a while back…thank you.

  • jennifer Says:

    Super crazy insane cuteness. Go Hank go!

  • steph Says:

    OMG MAGGIE! He was just BORN! He’s TWO?! My life’s going by too fast.

    Also, that pic of him entitled Birthday Boy, with the train and the cone hat? I am totally in love. What a cutie.

  • Alex Says:

    That is an awfully cute little boy you have there. Mine will be 2 in May, so thanks for the party ideas! And congratulations to you on making it through two years of parenthood!

  • Lindsey Says:

    I am delurking after years of reading to say that you are the cutest thing EVER. :)

  • Nichole Says:

    What a great party idea! I might be using it November for my little guy. :)

    Happy birthday, Hank!

  • Kristin Fradette Says:

    Adorable! Good job, both on the party and the great lttle guy!

  • Marie Says:

    Happy Birthday Hank! It sounds like your birthday party was awesome. Two was an awesome year for Victor and I – it is full of discovery and fun.

  • tara Says:

    cute, cute, cutest! great photos.

  • lauren Says:

    i clearly have to throw my husband a truck party next year. bitchin’ work, maggie (and some solid chalkmanship up there, too)!

  • Laura Says:

    What a great party!

    Where did you get the truck favors? They’re great!

  • Lindsay Says:

    Holy shit, your son is cute! Congrats!

  • Mari Says:

    OMG, Hank is adorable. He really does look like a little boy now instead of a baby. The first photo of him is especially lovely. I also love his little belly, as seen in the photo where he’s looking at the cupcakes.

  • Cate Says:

    What a handsome devil he is. And I luuurve the truck banners! I think our living room window treatments may need some updating now.

  • Julie Says:

    I love this! I have Henry that will be two in two weeks and he is obsessed with trucks. I can’t wait to use some of you ideas. Your Hank is adorable.

  • Lora Says:

    Your son is GORGEOUS. Great job procreating!

  • Macy Judgens Says:

    Your boy is so handsome. That shot of him on the chair with the hat and truck…OH MY GOD. You have a little child model on your hands, Maggie. And I swear I have never uttered that to another parent before.

  • Auntie Says:

    So,so,so very cute! He looks just like you at that age! Happy Birthday Hank!!

  • laura k Says:

    Best party favors and adorable kids ever! As always your photos are beautiful! I *seriously* need a copy of that picture of Kaj!

  • Auntie Yolanda Says:

    So adorable and handsome too! Feliz cumpleaños, Hank!

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    What, no coconut cake this year?

    Happy birthday, my handsome little friend!

  • Sara Says:

    What a sweet party. Happy Birthday Hank!

  • kere Says:

    great pics! very cute… Happy Birthday Hank

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com Says:

    I saw the pictures on Flickr yesterday…so adorable! I can’t believe Hank is two already, but he’s a pretty damned cute two!

  • April Says:

    Charming. Simply charming.

  • Shannon Says:

    Is that Penelope Trott?

  • Rachel B. Says:

    I just found your blog- Love it! My son’s nickname is Hank! Happy (belated) Birthday to your little guy!