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Feb 23 2009

The Believer

“Attempts to flee from yourself are useless.” – Paul Auster

(via Sarah)

7 Responses to “The Believer”

  • derfina Says:

    I can certainly attest to that!

  • Jessica Says:

    That just made me laugh out loud really hard! Dammit that’s funny! And alas, I have discovered that truth the hard way. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com Says:

    Alot of teenage angst could have been saved if I’d known this then.

    Of course, what would adolescence be without angst, right?

  • latenac Says:

    Didn’t anyone see Buckaroo Banzai? “No matter where you go, there you are.” Both sentences are said by tall, dark and brooding men. hmmm

  • Mai Says:

    Oh Paul! One of my favorite contemporary authors. I can usually find a corollary event in his novels when magical stuff happens (especially in the midst of personal challenges).

  • tracylea Says:

    I’m glad this made someone laugh. I heaved a huge sigh, one usually reserved for family members who bring up my weight.

  • carly Says:

    This was one of those funnies that quickly bummed me out…(haha…oh, dude…that sucks…)