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Jan 23 2009


Have you heard about Plinky yet? It launched yesterday, and you might want to go grab your preferred user name before it’s gone.

Plinky gives you a new question to answer every day, and lets you friend people and compare answers with them, sort of like you can on Facebook or Twitter. You can favorite other people’s answers, and publish your own answers to your blog (or your Twitter feed), and so forth. If you’re already blogging, it’s a nice way to supplement and to help your readership grow. If you’re not, it’s a less work-intensive way to connect with friends. I’m an advisor to the company, and I’m excited about it, so I’ll be posting my answers to Plinky prompts here in the next few weeks. Go have a look, and let me know what you think.

27 Responses to “Plinky”

  • Meghann Says:

    Seems like a neat idea… I’m gonna try it out!

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    Thanks for hipping me to Plinky, Maggie. Looks like a great site. Can’t wait to get started!

  • Robin Says:

    I just signed up for Plinky today and was surprised when I saw your twitter about it. I’m on the fence as I’ve always hated those “If you were stranded on the desert” questions. But at the same time I’m intrigued enough that I read through a lot of answers. Also I’m addicted to social networks, so you’ll probably find me there.

  • Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer Says:

    Very fun – I just signed up!!

  • amy Says:

    thanks! yr so hip- i love this kind of stuff!

  • Heather B. Says:

    It almost makes me feel a wee bit awesome that I signed up ages ago. Yay for being a big ass nerd who gets to test new things!

  • Shylo Says:

    Why the tagline “Because sometimes you need a push”?

  • Web Laureate Says:

    neato. this should definitely help me with my writer’s block in the future — http://web-poet.com/2009/01/23/plinky/

  • Heather Says:

    Oooo, that sounds fun! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Katrin Says:

    But on the front page – shouldn’t it say “Didn’t you USE to have a blog” instead of “Didn’t you USED to have a blog”? Faulty grammar is not really a great way to start off…

  • Maggeh Says:

    Shylo, that tag line is rotating, refresh the page and a new one will pop up. I didn’t have a hand in the taglines, but I think there are quite a few of them.

  • Grant S. Says:

    Shylo: I wrote the taglines. Some people (like me) don’t blog frequently if they aren’t reminded to. Plinky’s daily prompts are a little “push” to go share something fun & interesting.

    Katrin: You made me second-guess myself, but “used to” is correct: http://www.bartleby.com/64/C001/065.html Thanks for keeping an eye out for us, though!

    Maggie: THANK YOU!

  • Grant S. Says:

    Katrin: Revision – I am wrong. We will change that.

  • kim at allconsuming Says:

    So I’ve signed up. I don’t really get it but I like the idea of being an early adopter.


  • Lizzy Says:

    I haven’t dug into it yet, but the graphic is of an OLD FASHIONED light bulb! Why not a CFL? http://www.projectporchlight.com

  • LaShaunda Says:

    Never heard of this. I signed up, I’m game for something new.

  • meg Says:

    Hum. Potentially cool. It all depends on the snappy-ness of the questions though, which I hope you’ll have a hand in, Ms. Mason.

  • Jan Says:

    If, after Plinky-ing, you want to answer another question, you can join up over at Vox.com. They post a new Plinky-like question every day, and they also do a “Hunt” every day — “Show us a picture of…” Just FWIW.

  • Ry Says:

    I found you on Plinky before I read this post. I feel like a Plinky stalker now. Yay! A new title under my belt!

  • sunny Says:

    woo hoo! signed up. Thanks for introducing us to Plinky! (first I thought you meant the game on the Price is Right..then remembered that’s Plinko).

    I’m on plinky: http://www.plinky.com/people/sunnygirlsf

  • D Says:

    It sounds cool. Can’t seem to figure out how to hook it up to my blog.

  • indiana Says:

    Plinky is stellar, and I LOVE your Fanta girl rap posse idea.

    Your book is phenomenal.

  • Ella Says:

    hey ya!
    I feel like one of the cool kids signin’ up for the Plinky. Thanks!

  • Why Mom Drinks Rum Says:

    Oooo, I just signed up.
    Wait…is this like….a cult?


  • Costumista Says:

    Just signed up, and don’t want to quit to eat dinner. Thanks for the new distraction/prompter!!

  • BOSSY Says:

    Thanks for the tip. And the new obsession.

  • Casey Says:

    Very cool! I might just use this on my blog.