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Dec 17 2008

Happy Thing: Brooches

These are my new colorful, handmade brooches from Elefante, e a Vida! I’m so smitten, I bought two. In fact, I’ve been keeping the shop a secret for fear that I’ll never be able to get hold of one again if I tell the Internet. But how many brooches do I need? (Thousands! Miiiiiillions! The Precious!)

I’m working on that hoarding instinct. Meanwhile, if you love them too, go get one.

8 Responses to “Happy Thing: Brooches”

  • trlbjb Says:


  • Puanani Says:

    Those brooches are fabulous! Do they have hat pins? I really need one to keep my sweet vintage hat from flying away in this Southern California storm. Thank you for the link. I promise not to abuse it.

  • molly Says:

    There is such an underwater beauty to these, they would completely turn a drab cardigan into a smashing look!

  • Rina Says:

    I’ve been following this site for years (seeing as I’m only 21, that’s saying something) and have been loving it, but these brooches have led to my first comment ever. Gorjuss.

  • celisa Says:

    these are great!! oohh, i found another etsy shop you might love….hang on and i’ll go find it….

  • miriam Says:

    hi maggie! =D
    thanks so much for featuring me (and my brooches, of course)
    in your fantastic blog.
    oh dear I’m so pleased. I think I have a lot of new
    “hearts” on etsy thanks to you.

    *miriam* from http://www.miriam.etsy.com

  • ei! Kumpel Says:

    Miriam is a great friend and a very talented crafter! Her work is so wonderful…

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