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Oct 13 2008

Congrats, Jaime and Henning! Congrats, Meg and Rahul!

We had a wedding-marathon weekend with two rehearsal dinners on Friday night, and two ceremonies on Saturday. For the morning ceremony, Bryan officiated Bond-style (in German, Mandarin and English — only one of which he speaks), and I made the flowers.

Of course, when we went to pick up the flowers we’d ordered, the florist didn’t have them. Had not ordered them.

So, instead of keening and rending our garments, the bride and I acted calm while we shopped for new-and-improved flowers. Here’s how they turned out:

Bridal bouquet

Bridesmaid bouquet


Hair piece

44 Responses to “Congrats, Jaime and Henning! Congrats, Meg and Rahul!”

  • cjh Says:

    The flowers are stunning! And what a great bride to remain calm in the face of potential wedding day disaster.

  • Jerri Ann Says:

    Those are gorgeous, especially for “not exactly what I had planned”…wow!

  • Nikki Says:

    Beautiful! Especially considering that weren’t what the bride must have painstakingly chosen months ago.

  • Kristina Says:

    I would have thrown up and died if that had happened at my brother’s wedding (I was the maid of honor) so go y’all for keeping it together in the most beautiful way. The hairpiece is my favorite.

  • Kelly Says:

    how pretty! I especially love the flowers in the hair!

  • Stacey Says:

    You are a freaking ROCKSTAR! Kudos… MightyFlora!

  • tulip Says:

    What wonderful grace! The flowers are lovely and I love the thought of the wedding in 3 languages!

  • Joy Says:

    Congratulations to your friends!

    The flowers turned out so beautiful! And kudos for staying calm during the unexpected. :)

  • dd Says:

    Ha, when I read this, I thought:

    Maggie would be exactly the person I’d want to have with me if I found out my florist didn’t have my wedding flowers.

    I don’t know you or anything, but I’ll have to remember that sentiment when my own wedding comes around and have a suitable “Maggie” replacement. Just in case.

  • Hi Kooky Says:

    I don’t know how the florist’s version could have been any prettier. As my 11th grade English teacher used to say, you were a Hemingway Hero exhibiting Grace Under Pressure. Beautiful!

  • samantha Says:


  • TrustyPony Says:

    Man, you have some serious innate flower-arrangement skills to pull off those beauties last-minute. You should feel proud. And your friend quite lucky!

  • deidre Says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous! As is her hair! Envy!

  • Christina Says:

    OMG – beautiful!

  • Kimberly Says:

    Gorgeous arrangements! Very well done, Maggie.

  • Caroline in MA Says:

    The flowers are beautiful! I bet they turned out better than what the originals were supposed to be! Great job!!

  • LKW Says:

    Love the beautiful purple-y waxflower in her hair! A perfect choice, if I may say so. Waxflower is the baby’s breath of the cool kids. :)

  • Dana Says:

    Oh Miss Maggy, aren’t you amazing! Any chance you can tell us the name of the flowers in the brides hair?

  • Dana Says:

    ok it’s a waxflower. clearly I should read all the comments before posting. thanks LKW!

  • crazyLovesCompany Says:

    I love that you held it together. Flowers look great. I think all my closest friends would freak out. Maybe I’m the calm one. Wait, that can’t be right.

  • Kevin Says:

    I love the boutonnieres!

  • dayna Says:

    what did the planned flowers look like? because these are unbelieveably gorgeous! i just want to know you and have you help me with wedding flowers that I needed 10 years ago!!

  • Spandrel Studios Says:

    Sumptuous colors, amazing flower combos! What on earth could you have possibly done to make these arrangements any better?! Kudos to you on the very best example of “make it work!”

  • Sarah Says:

    Congratulations to the happy couples, AND…

    CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you on your anniversary. I hope the next five years are just as wonderful as the last five have been =)

  • chris Says:

    Those are fantastic, but you still should have strangled the florist.

  • Heather Says:

    Wow- you are seriously gifted.

  • auntjone Says:

    The flowers are gorgeous. Funny how life can throw a crisis at you then turn out to be better than the original plan. Please tell me you didn’t purchase this loveliness from the “florist” who forgot to order the bride’s original flowers.

  • Gretchen Says:

    You have an amazing gift – those bouquets are gorgeous.

  • J. Bo Says:

    Everyone should have a Maggie in her life… seriously.