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Oct 3 2008


This animation short by PES will make your day a little nicer (via Gabrielle at DesignMom).

http://view.break.com/534274 – Watch more free videos

16 Responses to “Tasty”

  • Brandy Says:

    Totally unrelated to Tasty…but did you know you are on the homepage of twitter?

  • Maggeh Says:

    Hi Brandy, yes. The Twitter folks are friends.

  • Spandrel Studios Says:

    With the week I’ve had, I really needed that – smiled the whole way through it.

  • Amanda Says:

    I…don’t know what to think besides, how bizarre!

  • George Says:

    Wowza. I will never “dice” anything blithely again.

  • just beth Says:

    That was awesome.

  • becky Says:

    Wonderful. I love the pick-up sticks transforming into rubber bands!

  • kristi Says:

    i love this! and i needed it since i just followed the video link over at dooce. and that did not make my day a little nicer – gah. thanks!

  • Victoria Says:

    So so cute!

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  • Becca Says:
  • Stephanie Says:

    I am suddenly hungry.

    and I don’t eat pick up stix.

  • surcey Says:

    OK So I didn’t get it.

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  • Michelle Says:

    Awesome. Really creative. Can’t wait to share it with everyone.

  • carolbrowne Says:

    That’s an excellent video. Amazing.