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Sep 16 2008

Mighty Love: Bluishorange

Bluishorange is written by Alison Headley, who lives in Austin and has been blogging since the dawn of time. I’ve meet Alison a few times at SxSW, and I feel a long-distance affection for her, though I hardly know her. I don’t read her site regularly, mostly because she doesn’t post very regularly, but I love to stop in every few months and root for her. She writes things like this:

“Sometimes I wish more people had affectionate nicknames for me.”

And shows you magic things like:

Intricate Snowglobes and
Storm Troopers at work; at play

4 Responses to “Mighty Love: Bluishorange”

  • Georgia Says:

    That Storm Trooper thing…wow, just wow. Love.

  • alison Says:

    Hey! Thanks!

  • EricaLucci Says:

    I love Alison too!

  • petya Says:

    Ha! You and Alison are two of the reasons why I started blogging. For some reason, knowing that YOU enjoy reading HER as much as I do makes me really happy. :-D