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Aug 28 2008

George Bush Would Still Be Terrified

I was watching TV last night when, suddenly, my shoulder and upper arm began to tingle and erupted in gooseflesh. It was so startling that I jumped a little. Did something just brush up against me? Some sort of crazy energy field? (We have those in California.) A ghost? Or perhaps the bony, beckoning finger of Death?

The isolated patch of goosebumps continued to prickle, and the bumps were extreme. “Look at this!” I said to Bryan. He examined my arm and murmured in appropriately confused tones.

Then I remembered I had eaten a single pretzel a few minutes earlier. Turns out they were coated in some sort of yeast powder. I tried another one an hour or so later, and the isolated goosebumps resumed.

So, it wasn’t so much an ectoplasmic energy transfer from the netherworld. It was a pretzel.

But! You may be saying, “Maggie? What if it was a magic pretzel that gave you psychic powers?” And that’s an excellent point. I’ll keep you posted.

15 Responses to “George Bush Would Still Be Terrified”

  • Dutchess of Kickball Says:

    What kind of crazy pretzels are these? I want to try them!

  • Stella Says:

    It’s la Llorona!

    Sorry…just too into my research. But! This reminds me of that time I had too many strawberries…I already have big lips, after that allergic reaction, I looked like I had two pillows for a mouth.

  • the ex Says:

    You get all the best allergic reactions!

  • Jenn Says:

    Out with yeast! In with energy fields!

  • Pamela Says:

    Dang. I just ate a whole bag of combos and they didn’t do crap for me.

  • Krystyn Says:

    Ironically, I have itchy ankles reading this. Just returned from a post-rain walk with the dog and the mosquitos nibbled on me.

    Or maybe they were ghosts… or pretzels?

  • anna Says:

    [eating chocolate pretzels and waiting for allergic reaction that makes me lose weight]

    Nope . . . I got nothing.

  • Devon Says:

    10 bucks says those were ghost pretzels.

  • MR Says:

    Maggie! What if you are allergic to those pretzels? Not to be a wet blanket, but this kind of non-localized reaction (unless you were rubbing them on your arm and shoulder) is often a precurser to anaphylactic shock. Don’t eat anymore of those pretzels until you see a doctor!!!

  • Amber Says:

    I had magic doritos once… when combined with iced tea and laughter they can come out my nose!

  • Ry Says:

    I need to no more! Where does one get such magical pretzels? WHERE!?!

  • Ry Says:

    Um…*know* more. I know, I just re-commented for a typo but…for shame! Clearly I need a magical pretzel.

  • Michelle Says:

    And here I thought you were getting the goosebumps from watching Obama’s speech the other night. The last part of it certainly did that for me, and I’m just a Canadian. Imagine what it would do for someone that has the power to VOTE for him!

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