Mighty Life List
Aug 1 2008

Three Unfortunate Ideas

Waiting for your train.
Cleaning up the yard.
Fiddling with the radio.

8 Responses to “Three Unfortunate Ideas”

  • Natasha Says:

    I love yard work. But ditto on the radio. Why does mine work better when my hand is on it, hmmm?

  • Middle-Aged-Woman Says:

    The Darwin thing only works if these people haven’t reproduced yet. Sadly, it’s probably too late.

  • mary Says:

    “Cleaning up the yard” just gave me a hell of a laugh.

  • bradleytee Says:

    Did the idea of putting the controls on the steering wheel help or magnify the radio frustrations? At least we are passed the twisting of the dial and now we wrestle with the song choice via the presets.

    …and who rides the train anymore? Oh wait, you’re in SF…OK, that CAN be frustrating.

  • alexis Says:

    omg! crazy shit!

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