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May 26 2008

It’s the Shoes

During the two hours we meeted and greeted, Heather stood in these shoes:

In fact, she’d been wearing them since noon, when we left the hotel to present. She did not whine a single time, and only whimpered once.

So the next time you find yourself wondering why you can’t pay your mortgage with your Internet Website, don’t ask yourself where you’d find ten hours a day to take photos of suburban life, balance batteries on your dog’s head, and write detailed essays about Al Roker’s nipples. Ask yourself whether you’d be willing to stand in 5 inch heels for seven hours while greeting 200 people you don’t know.

Next time I present somewhere, I’m wearing 15″ lucite stilettos. I apologize in advance if my feet bleed on you.

37 Responses to “It’s the Shoes”

  • Rita Says:

    Your dress on Friday was so smokin’ hawt I just about ripped it off you and ran for it ;)

    Just sayin’…

  • patricia Says:

    her feet may not forgive her for a while but at least her legs looked great! love the combination of striped tights with swirly pattern on the dress/skirt.

    the tallest heels I can handle is 4 inches. and only if I spend most of the time wearing them sitting down. oh what we do to look pretty.

  • carol browne Says:

    I totally saw you, but ran out of patience in the slowest moving line ever. Sorry. I did get some photos, though! Here they are, just in case you’re innerested.


    Hope you had a good time while you were here.

  • Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) Says:

    Heading to the shoe store right. now.

    It was GREAT meeting you both. I didn’t think the line moved too slowly – I appreciated that you both took the time to visit with people. Great work ladies!

  • Michelle Says:

    It was great to meet you! I have spent the last three days telling and retelling the story of our impulsive trip over to see you and Heather. Thanks for the laughs and making it worth the trip!

    Hope you had a great time, and maybe we’ll see you over here on the Island sometime.

  • meowsk Says:

    Just looking at those heels makes my feet hurt.

  • Chloe Says:

    I hope you were able to corral some of your cute shoes before your trip! However rumor has it you have an awesome collection already. Thank you for posting the round-up. I absolutely hate shoe shopping as well, and while I can’t pay a mortgage through my website, no one’s revoked my girly parts.

  • Amy Says:

    My daughter was in her first ballet recital recently and when the little girls complained that something was hurting them (like straps or ponytail holders) she would answer: sometimes being pretty hurts.
    I wanted to slap her so hard.

  • Amy Says:

    The ballet teacher… not my daughter!!!!!!

  • Em Says:

    yeow – Heather must be been 7 feet tall in those shoes!

  • Lauren Says:

    I love those tights!

  • Sara Says:

    Those shoes are total awesomeness.

  • anna Says:

    I know those shoes wouldn’t come in a size big enough for my boats.

    Sorry I missed your panel and meet and greet – couldn’t get a sitter for my three rugrats :(

    Hope you loved Vancouver – you sure had a fantastic weekend weather wise!

  • piinkjeans Says:

    Holy shit. That looks painful.

    And the answer is most definitely no. I would not do that, even for 200 people I did know.

  • BeBe Says:

    Damn she has some nice stems!

  • Lynda from Canada Says:

    I am so sorry to have missed you two on Friday! It looks like you had a great turn out though! YEA! Did you have a good time here?! I hope so!

  • Marissa Says:

    Goddamn! I wanna be a Hot Mormon SAH Mom!
    It’s in the water I tell ya!

  • Cathy Says:

    That’s awesome.

  • Independent Mom Says:

    Holy gawd, those shoes are killer!

  • JennC Says:

    Those shoes are HOT. Heck, Heather is HOT.

    And I’m straight.

  • At Home Redesigns Says:

    My mother always said…as she made us wear curlers to bed on Easter eve…Christmas eve…Thanksgiving eve…”Sometimes, it hurts to be beautiful…”

  • Veronica Says:

    I have those shoes! And 7 hours? I salute her. I wore mine a while back and after 2 hours I was sneakily taking them off at every opportunity. And my feet hurt for days.

    I am a wimp.

  • Inez Says:

    There *are* killer heels that are totally comfortable, too. Seriously.

  • Jasmine Says:

    Sorry I missed meeting you Maggie…I was too chicken to show up at the meet & greet. But I did score some personal time with your adorable little one while I was getting my very own face time with Heather and Jonn on the seawall Sunday night.

  • Kayla Says:

    Those heels only look like they are 2-3 inches high. Not really so bad. And shiny! Congrats on your reading/signing!

  • Stephanie Says:

    That is an impressive feat (no pun intended)…and I really like those shoes!

  • Michelle Says:

    I can’t belive I didn’t find this out sooner!!! Ugh I would have had a babysitter come for the child and hightailed it over.And those are quite the heels..

  • Spatula Says:

    Holy hell, now this is what I call advanced shoe-ometry.

    Them there ain’t desert-crossing shoes. Or standing for six hours in nervous-making social situation shoes. But hell, she’s got the legs for it.

  • Sara Says:

    Is that a 40 in the paper bag in her hand? I know I’d need to be drunk to wear those gorgeous things for 7 hours. :)

  • typemama Says:

    totally want.

  • Sandi Says:

    I did notice Heather’s shoes on Friday. I wondered how she was going to bear standing in them all evening. I’m too much of a wimp to consider such torture.

    I also agree with Rita, your dress on Friday was HAWT!

  • T Grum Says:

    Nice legs, great shoes!

  • HeyJoe Says:



  • heidi Says:

    because she is not tall enough, right?

  • Eric D Says:

    I didn’t realize I had a foot fetish… hee hee

  • Josie Says:

    I think I could handle seven hours in heels, if the trade-off is sitting around in my pyjamas instead of actually getting dressed and going to work the other 269 business days of the year!

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