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Apr 30 2008

Litterary Figure

Heather just published her very first book, Things I Learned About My Dad (in therapy). It’s a collection of essays about fatherhood, and if you ever wondered how I feel about my dad, mine’s in there too. As is Alice’s. In fact, her essay about fatherhood and Star Wars also appeared in this month’s Wondertime magazine. (That’s why I have an 8.5″ x 11″ photo of Alice dressed as Princess Leia stuck to the side of our fridge. Also, one in my night stand drawer, but I digress.)

I’m excited for Heather right now, because I know something very big is about to happen. Sometime soon, a stranger will ask what she does. Instead of saying, “Well… do you read… like… how do I put this. Uh, I’m a blogger?” she can look them straight in the eye and say, “I’m a writer.”

And a damn good one too.

22 Responses to “Litterary Figure”

  • Kate Says:

    This gave me goosebumps! Well done, everyone – congratulations!

  • Kiala Says:

    Oh, the term blogger. It BURNS.

    Remind me to tell you about the time I had dinner with Dan Kennedy from McSweeney’s and I had to tell him I was a blogger and he whipped out his iPhone and READ MY BLOG AT ME.

    Ok, I guess I just told you.

  • Lyz Says:

    I just ordered 2 copies! congrats!

  • EricaLucci Says:

    I got goosebumps too. You are a very good friend and a great cheerleader.

  • dana wyzard Says:

    Been writing my blog and reading Heather’s for the same length of time. I will take the fact that I write a blog to my grave! Oh, the horror of thinking I might have something INTERESTING to write!

  • Christy Says:

    So exciting for all of you!! I can’t wait to pick up the book today & take it on my trip next week (if I’ll be able to save it for that long.)

  • solaana Says:

    Been reading her (and through her, your) blog since the baby rolled around and I don’t know – I’m so happy for her (and all these bloggers I’ve come to love like the total loser I am) I could cry. Yay for y’all.

  • Godless Sunday Says:

    Congrats!!! I just ordered myself a copy—and one for my dad.

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    I’m pretty jealous of Kiala for eating dinner with Dan Kennedy.

  • Pretty Lush Says:

    Ah, you got me beaming with your genuine pride for Heather. Congratulations to you as well. I bet it’s a fantastic read. I’ll soon know for sure.

  • Kyran @ Notes to Self Says:

    more to the point, she’s making it easier for all of us to look the “straight” world in the eye and say, “I’m a blogger.”

    Say it loud, say it proud.

    congratulations to all the contributors.

  • Veronica Says:


  • Amy Says:

    Congratulations. I look forward to reading this.

  • Mental P Mama Says:

    You are all good writers. Can’t wait for the book to arrive!

  • Spatula Says:

    “she can look them straight in the eye and say, ‘I’m a writer.'”

    And then she can beat them with a shovel!

    I’m a blogger, and if someone doesn’t like/understand/approve/appreciate blogs, they can SUCK IT.

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