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Apr 22 2008

Shopping Overload

When I close my eyes to sleep, I see flocks of sparrows in silhouette dodging thousands of multi-colored, oversized polka dots. In my dreams, I’m chased by forlorn children wearing hats with ears. I’ve almost forgotten that cupcakes were once edible. Also, if I have to look at one more handmade, semi-precious stone jewelry website, I may begin to pluck my own eyelashes to break the monotony.

These are cute though.

9 Responses to “Shopping Overload”

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    So over birds already. Trucker hat status.

  • Kim Hays Says:

    Oh squee at the cuteness!

  • Kim Says:

    I love the cupcake necklace. If it wasn’t sold out I’d buy it for my friend who manages the Cupcake Royal in Seattle. I also love the print…to cute in an imp kinda way. Wait, I like it because it reminds me of my daughters.

  • Kim Says:

    Clearly, I haven’t edited my comment before clicking the button! I meant to say “too cute in an imp kinda way”. Grammar was never my forte!

  • superblondgirl Says:

    Oh, god, Etsy porn. Now I’m going to spend 3 hours favoriting things on there. And your birds have led me to these: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7152882 which feature my favorite Decemberists-inspired icon and which I must have like NOW. If only I had $20 to blow on earrings.

  • Jen Says:

    It’s official, I’m a full fledged mother. I looked at the ring and my first thought was – that’ll take out someone’s eye. *sigh*
    Also, I need to start an Etsy savings account so my house can be filled w/ adorable prints

  • DimKnit Says:

    Girl, you are truly Mighty. Totally getting the print…needed something offbeat for one wall in our house. I could spend all day on Etsy.

    p.s. superblondgirl – Etsy porn made me giggle.

  • Inez Says:

    Over birds (sparrows and owls soecifically), deer (which is sad because they were once my favourite animal but that’s been driven into the fricking ground), and cupcakes. Yep.

  • elleabelle Says:

    Thank you so much for posting about me! What a pleasant surprise!!