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Feb 12 2008

Portland with Melissa

Melissa and I went thrifting together in Portland before the rest of our girlfriends hit San Francisco. We stayed at the Ace, which was perfect in every way. In addition to touching the elevator button with my nose, I also licked everything on the premises. It tasted like fixies and vegan donuts.

10 Responses to “Portland with Melissa”

  • Hula Says:

    hahaha fixies and vegan donuts. I hope you did make it to Voodoo since you were so close at the Ace. How ’bout a heads up for PDXers next time you’ll be in town so we can get the welcome wagon?

  • sizzle Says:

    speaking of vegan donuts, the mighty o has some great ones here in seattle. ;)

    love the pics.

  • Jules Says:

    So, the Ace Hotel was aces?! I SO want that card catalog thing in that “Study Hall” photo!
    House of Jules

  • Kai Jones Says:

    That Clear Creek pear brandy is massively good, especially as a float on a brandy Sidecar.

  • Kirsten Says:

    That’s so crazy – I recognized the Ace from the first hallway picture. I stayed there just after Christmas. It was great! The coffee was so yum and the lobby was so comfy.

  • Annagrace Says:

    That’s my town, too–I LOVE Portland…

  • anh-minh Says:

    I recently stayed at the Ace, too! Loved it. And your photos of PDX.

  • Tarik Says:

    Vegan donuts and fixies. Well done.

  • oregoncoastgirl Says:

    kenny & zuke’s… yommy!

  • rob Says:

    Your photography is lovely. I wish I could compose photos like that.