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Jan 25 2008

Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti

9 Responses to “Buenos Aires Street Art and Graffiti”

  • Yolanda Says:

    The Lili te amo one is so creepy and desperate looking. It makes me think that Lili should be getting herself un orden de proteccion.

  • Jules Says:

    Am I just on Presidential Debate overload or do the 3rd & 4th ones remind anyone else of Barack Obama?
    House of Jules

  • Pocklock Says:

    I love the sneakers!

  • shannon Says:


  • Libby Says:

    You really found some decent ones, more than me I can say! They make me smile. I’m glad you posted them.

  • The Queen Says:

    Cool pics! I heart them!

  • degan Says:

    excellent collection! i love the puffer fish.

  • Samilja Says:

    Hey – Dutch from Sweet Juniper! has the little red guy on the 3rd page (5th pic) in his ABC book ‘Persona Urbana’. He’s ‘E’ for Egghead or Economist (gotta love that). Anyway – I don’t know if Dutch’s is from San Francisco, Detroit or where, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in Buenos Aires. Que coincidence!

  • ALF Says:

    Did it seem like there was graffiti EVERYWHERE in Argentina? I remember worrying that if I stood still too long, someone would come along and graffiti me…