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Dec 26 2007

Christams in Argentina

10 Responses to “Christams in Argentina”

  • Marilyn Says:

    Having survived years of mosquito bites in the tropics (I NEVER got used to them), I feel for Hank. Beautiful photos though!

  • Mau Says:

    Go get some churrascos!!!

    Feliz Navidad!!!

  • Jules Says:

    Beautiful photos!
    House of Jules

  • Tami Says:

    Ese pan dulce se ve barbaro.
    Feliz Navidad!

  • Anna Says:

    Oh, that Hank is such a big boy! Darling!

    Feliz Navidad, y’all.

  • Annagrace Says:

    Bee-ootiful. How lovely to be far, far away…

  • All Adither Says:

    That looks pretty damn cool. I mean hot.

  • jessica Says:

    4 stockings? are you staying with someone? I’m so nosey.

  • nat Says:

    I’ve just find your blog via Design*Sponge, and I’m totally amaze, and then I discover that you’re spending Christmas in Argentina (I’m from Buenos Aires). So, please, if you need anything, feel free to write to me. I work with books for children and young adults, and do a lots of crafts just for hobby, and I can tell you, I’m gonna be a reader of your blog, it is already on my feed reader.
    So, welcome, I hope you enjoy Argentina, and have a nice holiday.
    (And please sorry for my English, it is not as good as I would like)

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