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Dec 17 2007


The sign outside the bar says, “Let it beer.” Not sure what that means, but it sounds like something I’d allow.

15 Responses to “Done”

  • thecasualperfectionist.com Says:

    There are days when I would definitely take beer over snow. :) I hope you guys are having a wonderful time in Argentina!

  • Pretty Lush Says:

    It should allowed nationwide, but for sure.

  • rye Says:

    Ha! This is my new favorite phrase. I shall use it often.

  • Andrea Says:

    I too, would let it beer. In fact, it should have to.

  • Jules Says:

    I need to make my holiday cards sometime this week, and that very well could be the theme.
    House of Jules

  • Megan Says:

    After dealing with a foot of snow in just over 24 hours, letting it beer sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

  • samantha Says:

    mmm…. beer.

  • Lily Says:

    All this time I thought it was about Gin.

  • Meegan Says:

    There are few things in life with which I would agree more. Let it beer, let it beer indeed.

  • Strizz Says:

    I guess they figure it’s never gonna snow…

  • witchypoo Says:

    As if anyone could stop it from beering…

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  • Michael Says:

    “Let it beer” is the title of a song by a once very famous group… The Beertles.

  • mgfan Says:

    I love your site but I don’t get your last twitter update. d’oh. =p

  • amethystgreye Says:

    I’m sorry you aren’t up to snuff. That’s got to be particularly awful in another country.