Mighty Life List
Dec 10 2007

Scrabble Deathmatch

Me: One of my hairs is trapped under tiles.

Bryan: A criminologist would be interested.

Me: What are you saying there?

Bryan: Things could get ugly if I lose.

6 Responses to “Scrabble Deathmatch”

  • She Likes Purple Says:

    Where are you going for a month? (Noticed your Twitter update.)

  • kat Says:

    Umm, I don’t get it. Maybe not enough Scrabble in my life ;-) ?

  • Loralee Says:

    Scrabble is right up there in seriousness with Monopoly.

  • Jules Says:

    Does a stray hair on a triple word square count as extra?
    House of Jules

  • Alyce Says:

    Bryan’s fingerprints on the top of his tiles will do more to tell them about the ugly scene than a hair belonging to the deceased (which is, I assume, what he was threatening).

    It’s a deadly game.

  • Megan Says:

    Scrabble is such an intense game.