Mighty Life List
Nov 10 2007


My presentation is tomorrow, and then we’re headed to Detroit for a few days.

Best thing we’ve seen here so far? A girl in her car using the cigarette lighter to plug in her hair crimper. Not nearly enough hair crimping going on in parking garages these days.

15 Responses to “Indianapolis”

  • witchypoo Says:

    Looking good trumps addictive habits any day.
    Pay attention ;)

  • witchypoo Says:

    Oops, wrong website. Don’t click that first one. It is a shameless bid for your commercial business.

  • Riayn Says:

    They make hair crimpers that plug into your cigarette lighter? That is so wrong.

  • superblondgirl Says:

    I suddenly feel the urge to buy myself a hair crimper.

  • Rebecca Says:

    Ooo, Detroit! Any speaking engagements while you’re here in Michigan?

  • Dhyana Says:

    I was at your presentation today in Indy. Very informative and inspiring, but I’m questioning how your Indianapolis comment fits the Spirit & Place theme of “Living Generously”.

  • leslie Says:

    i can’t decide what is more disturbing, the fact that not only did she was using a hair crimper, or that there is a large enough need for portable hair crimpers that they actually manufacture them.

  • All Adither Says:

    I sincerely wish crimped hair was still in style.

  • Susan Lerner Says:

    SON of a bitch. I was in Indy yesterday.

  • Jen Says:

    Saw you in Indy this afternoon- loved your presentation. You’ve inspired me to resurrect my abandoned blog!

  • Hillary Says:

    AW I can’t believe I missed you in Indy! Enjoy Detroit….uh, there isn’t much there to enjoy.

  • maggie ann Says:

    i was born in indy.

    i am also a fan of hair crimpers.

    but i prefer to do it the old fashioned way with braids… easier on the hair.

  • Sara Says:

    Enjoy Detroit, contrary to popular opinion it really can be a great place – I moved here only three months ago and love it so far!

  • Imanitsud Says:

    I don’t think Indianapolis has a lock on hair-crimping people! You should not associate that with Indianpolis alone.
    Anyway, glad it went well — where did you eat? If there’s one thing Hoosiers like to do, it’s eat! Surely you also saw, experienced, found, ate something that is more current/charming/representative than the hair thing.

  • Barbara Says:

    Is there something in Indianapolis Peyton Manning does not sell? Perhaps hair crimpers. Was there last month – billboard after billboard…and I’m not talking about his forehead!