Mighty Life List
Aug 29 2007

D.C. Night Walk

5 Responses to “D.C. Night Walk”

  • Erin Says:

    Next time you’re in DC go to the Iwo Jima memorial at dawn or dusk, face east, take photos :)

  • JW Says:

    Is that a Lisa Frank leopard shirt?

  • Jessi Says:

    It’s like you only know ‘the beautiful people.’ Or you find the beauty in everyone and capture it on film.

  • Josh G. Says:

    It’s a syndicate of marketeers. If I didnt know better they could jump through hoops better than the cats in Cirque…

  • Lola Says:

    That is an AMAZING shot of the Capitol, I live about 10 minutes from it and have never seen it quite like that.