Mighty Life List
Aug 27 2007

Note to Self

Knowing that heat makes your milk come in, refrain from resting your computer on your chest for an hour or so while you work in bed. Ow.

10 Responses to “Note to Self”

  • amanda Says:

    So that’s what causes the windows to fog up.

  • Jean Says:

    Ow, but good thing you happen to have a baby right thar :-)

  • Elise Says:

    Is this why you posted those ‘cool feet’ on mightygoods? :/

  • superblondgirl Says:

    The lovely “rocks growing out of my chest” feeling. So much fun. Then you squirt the kid in the eye.

  • jessica Says:

    i miss a lot of things from Girl!’s first year of life, but that is not one of them.

  • SusieJ Says:

    Ouch — when they finally sleep through the night, and you sleep through the night — and you think you might crack open in the morning.

  • Nicola Pedley Says:

    You won’t see that piece of advice in any book!

  • Bookratt Says:

    Gerber Breast Therapy warm/cool relief packs.


    Pure heaven.

  • sue Says:


  • Leeanthro Says:

    I’m at work (reading blogs while I pump…don’t tell!) and looked down a few minutes ago to see a huge milk circle on my shirt. Dangit!

    Yes, I just posted the other day about waking in the night and feeling like I have machine gun jumblies!