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May 24 2007

2006 Collective John Hughes Flashback

A lifetime ago, we attended the Air Guitar Championships. There was exactly one girl who was a contender. She had it all: the snarl, the reckless abandon, a mean air technique. She was going into the final round, rocking it out, and bringing the house down. At the end of her performance, the crowd was going wild, she was strutting around the stage, grinning from ear to ear. And then, as if in slow motion, she raised both hands above her head and sort of twinkled her fingers. The crowd gasped and drew back. “Cheerleader,” one of them said. And just like that, everyone went silent and headed for the bar.

San Francisco was always picked last for kickball.

18 Responses to “2006 Collective John Hughes Flashback”

  • robyn Says:

    or, she could have been deaf or had deaf family. that’s how they clap in sign language.

    but she was probably a cheerleader.

  • Andrea Says:

    Spirit fingers?

  • bec Says:

    if you need more air guitar, there was a vlog death match with SIX girls doing air guitar

  • Pete Dunn Says:

    Freaking awesome.

  • Ryan Says:

    Have you heard of air ermmm…. how to say this?… air-loving? It’s like pornography but lonelier.

  • Joe Says:

    Love that first pic

  • aimee/greeblemonkey Says:


  • aimee/greeblemonkey Says:

    And P.S. that is the height of awesomeness, Maggie.

  • Melanie Says:

    The air sex is scary. Air guitar is much easier to understand.

  • Dawn Says:

    A few years ago, I went to see Conan O’Brien tape his show, and one of the guests was that year’s Air Guitar Champion. The interview that ensued was priceless.

    Conan: Do you have roadies?

    Air Guitar Champion: Of course! We are musicians after all

    Conan: But if you are playing an air guitar, what are your roadies responsible for?

    AGC: Well, they carry my guitar cases.

    Conan: Guitar cases?

    AGC: Yes, I have guitar cases. For my air guitars.

    Conan: And these cases…would be full of air?

    AGC: Well, full of air guitars.

  • Rebecca Says:

    Not only did I grow in up San Francisco, I was always picked last for every sport in P.E., from softball to pick-up sticks. Thanks to your insight, I finally know why I have an incredible aversion to cheerleaders.

  • BOSSY Says:

    This is so cute Bossy can hardly be funny.

  • Barbara Allen Says:

    Ready? OKAY! You can spot them a mile away. Cheerdar. An unfair discrimination on my part. Just can’t help it. Thanks for helping me justify it a bit.

  • Joe Says:

    Best air guitar song: Don’t Stop Belivin’ – Journey. Yea baby.

  • Barbara Says:

    Oh, yeah. Thanks for that peak into this most noble of competitions. Rock on!

  • anothernadine Says:

    Looks like everyone was having fun!

  • MJ Says:

    Joe said: “Best air guitar song: Don’t Stop Belivin’[sic] – Journey. Yea baby.”

    I beg to differ. That is the best song EVERfor singing into your hairbrush in the shower: “Stran-gers. Wait-ing. Up and down the BOUL-E-VARD!”

  • Amethyst Says:

    Ohhh, I’ve always liked Journey’s “Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)” for the guitar, myself. There’s that semi-break in the middle where Steve Perry goes all Boys’ Choir Meets Gene Simmons and the guitars just wail…wonderful.

    Also, I was a drifter in High School and I have decided we are not to be held responsible for our idiocies therein, including being cheerleaders. *sigh* We all do stupid things as teens. And John Hughes? Genius.