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Nov 29 2006

Spam Headers, Continued

hot potato corroborate
swagger shoplifiting
frothy heavely

9 Responses to “Spam Headers, Continued”

  • JewJewBee Says:

    and my symbolic dmissing

  • Megan Says:

    wineglass CIA

  • Esttibalys Says:

    The other day i was looking for your book ,actually i’ve been looking for some time now and no one seems to have it! I went to 3 Barnes & Nobles and they all seem to have 6 in stock but no one can find them! So one of the guys that worked there offer to call the rest of the barnes & noble in the City (Ft.worth ,Tx) and the same thing ,6 in stock no one knows where they are!

    I finally got your book from this girl that had it but still ,all your books in North Texas are missing.Dosent that suck? *sigh*

    (Sorry for writing this here it has nothing to do with your post oops)

  • Rosie-B Says:

    Postmortem matriculate
    Outdated whoa
    Knitting needle smother

  • Mau Says:

    Silver Medal Deterrent
    Windsurfing Spastic
    Rooftop Ministry

    Solvent Spank

  • shuna fish lydon Says:

    plated dessert in middle east
    personality or personal characteristics of a chef
    yahrzeit candle bay area

    I must admit, though, they are getting warmer. when it’s phrases like

    chubby girls

    then I wonder…

  • Tami Says:


    I wish I were kidding, but that was seriously a spam headline I got. Really good stock tip in the message, though.

  • craig Says:

    Hurdling judo golfcross

    It’s the new Olympic sport…

  • Lex Says:

    I love spam headers! I think that if used right they could be the inspiration for some excellent blog posts.
    Eg. Hot Potato Corroborate
    Today in the heavily contested Kramer vrs Kramer case, more commonly known as Birthday Party Games Gone Wrong, it was neccessary for the Hot Potato himself to take the stand….