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Jun 7 2006

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

We just left Iceland, home of crystalline light, inexplicably tasty licorice, and the dreamlike Blue Lagoon. On the day we visited, the water was white-blue and iridescent, like the inside of an abalone shell. It’s warmer than a bathtub, and the steam is a dense fog between you and the people around you.

The salty water makes it easy to float on your back and feel the cool air on your face. It’s so relaxing that you have the urge to drool. Bryan has flying dreams, but I have swimming dreams. Floating there was like living in that perfect hour just before waking, when your brain is set to Happy and you have time to sleep in.

3,531 Responses to “Blue Lagoon”

  • Bryan Mason Says:

    yeah, it’s pretty warm.

  • jason Says:

    Heading that way in a few months…very much looking forward to it!

  • wen Says:

    Oh, nice. I always wanted to go to Iceland, because my love of a good warm pool of water knows no geographic limitations…It’s halfway around the world? The price to get there is a month’s salary. Sure. Anyway, ever since I saw an Iceland article in one of those outdoorsy mags I knew it was on my list. That, and I heard they have a very unique kind of short, friendly horse there. Hey, variety is the spice of life and all…

  • amy.leblanc Says:

    beautiful! i have serious wanderlust right now.

  • jes Says:

    Oh, wow. That photo alone is beautiful. I never considered Iceland until I was in Manila a few months ago, and met a retired Marine who used to live there.

    And now I am living vicariously through you.

  • Ani Says:

    I have swimming dreams too- never flying dreams. What does it /mean/?

  • Green with envy Says:

    The water is always that color. It has something to do with the compounds in it — minerals. algae, silica.

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