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Apr 17 2006

Social Indicators

This couple is crossing the street on a cold Sunday morning. He’s wearing a baggy sweatshirt, jeans, and a baseball cap. She’s wearing a black halter top, dangling earrings, tight jeans, and high heels.

-Wow. He’s walking her home from last night.
-They had a good night last night.
-That’s why he’s walking her home.
-She’s extra cute. That’s why he’s walking her home.
-He’d like for that to maybe happen again sometime, please.
-Why didn’t he offer her a sweatshirt or something?
-He did. She’s fine. Thanks though.
-Look at how he’s looking at her, he wants to keep her around.
-If he were on his game, he would have dressed up a little so she wouldn’t look so Saturday-night next to him.
-That’s why, when you shrink a sweater in the wash, you should keep it around.
-For the tramps?
-She’s not a tramp. Tramps walk home alone.

1,034 Responses to “Social Indicators”

  • erin Says:

    ooh yeah… the walk of shame. In my early twenties, when heading out for a hot date, I would always bring an extra shirt and some flip-flops in my bag….just in case I was feeling trampy. ;)

  • Rina Says:

    I never understood calling it the “walk of shame” — it should be the “high five me, I got laid” walk.

  • Broch Says:

    Love the new design!

  • randomkiwi Says:

    You know what else is good ‘possible overnighter’ prep? Those super-tiny toothbrush and paste combo’s you get on planes.
    So i hear.
    Oh, and loving the new look, very swanky. I’m jealous… but in a nice way!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    Wow– love the new layout– love being able to leave comments cause so so so many times I wanted to leave comments to your posts– but today? I got nothing. Except– love the new site.

  • SparklieSunShine Says:

    I love the new look. I was greatly suprised by it though.

    Making up conversations about people is the best.

  • Lexie Says:

    I love your blog, and the new look. Your such a wonderful writer.

  • lauren Says:

    looking good, mighty girl … looking good.

  • Tim Says:

    Comments were closed for the last post, I will put this here.

    YAY! Comments!

    Now I can tell you that I love this site and love mighty goods and that I totally lust after your car.

    The redesign is great, and I hope the ads (which don’t bother me a bit) make you a ton of money.

    Mighty Goods is always the first place I go to find a gift for someone, especially if that someone is a girl, because I can never think of good gifts and you always find the neatest stuff. I have always been a little curious though, do you make any money off of Mighty Goods? I hope you do, and I hope it is substantial, because it has been helpful to me many times.

    You rock.

  • EricaLucci Says:

    Rina, I totally agree. Everyone should be envying the woman walking home in the same clothes she went out in the night before, because she didn’t go home by herself!

  • Katie Says:

    I’ve never been much for one-nighters, but she must have been somethin’ pretty special to have him WALK HER HOME afterwards!!

  • AnnieKNodes Says:

    Smart tramps take the boy back to their own place so they can sleep in after kicking him out.

  • sfgirl Says:

    just wanted to say i LOVE the new design. yes, that much, in all caps.

  • mihow Says:

    I married my only one-night stand.

    And I agree with the masses, what a great new design.