Mighty Life List
Jan 30 2004


If you live in Arizona, specifically anywhere near Tucson, and you want to know more about Howard Dean, he’s having an event tomorrow morning. I know this because my husband is helping organize it. Details are on his site here. Bryan looks like this, but he probably won’t be wearing a crown. If you see him, say hi for me.

Jan 30 2004


Things this guy on the bus would like you to know:

  • You’re wearing wingtips. Wingtips could be Quaaludes and quickly released.
  • The army wants us to acquaint with action. No comment.
  • Brown, Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, Brown-eyed girl.
  • One is the loneliest number.
Jan 30 2004

‘Deed I DO

Evany says:

“Do you ever wake up feeling blue for no discernable reason and immediately start to wonder if maybe there is a reason, after all? And then you easily come up with a long list of really good reasons for why you might find yourself feeling blue? And then you start to feel shitty for real, which leads you to realize that maybe when you woke up you weren’t blue at all, just a little hungry? But you’re sure as shitting feeling blue now?”

Jan 30 2004

Witty Bastard

I knew someone, somewhere would have a photo of Lane’s neighborhoodie. Jeff snapped one; the sweatshirt says Financial District.

Jan 30 2004

Sweetest Thing

I wish Jen and Jeff were my parents. Welcome little Arlo.

Jan 26 2004

This Whole Party

I’ve had several people point out my mistaken impressions about the OPP song. At first, I thought my white-girl interpretation was part of the charm, but the email has gotten out of hand so I’m publishing a correction. Below is my favorite explanation from one Gregory Lopez, who seems like a very nice guy:

Re: O.P.P.

In case anyone on the left coast hasn’t made this clear yet, OPP is (and in the case of Naughty By Nature: was) short for –

clean: Other People’s Property

dirty: Other Peoples P*ssy (sorry, it’s an offensive word…)

So, from a conceptual (and non-drunk) point of view, the question “(Are) you down wit’ O.P.P.?” is really “Pardon me Sir, are you quite fond of flaunting your disrespect for the communal bond of a relationship and all that it entails?” and the answer “Yeah you know me!” is really “Gosh, As I examine my past behavior, I HAVE been known to commit transgressions regarding mine and others’ sexual fidelity. Bully!”

Jan 26 2004

Hank Williams III

-What happened?

-He knocked my drink out of my hand.


-I asked his girlfriend to move over a little so she wasn’t bouncing into me.

-And he got pissed? Probably thought you were hitting on her.

-Yeah. He was like, “You givin’ my woman trouble?”

-He actually said, “my woman?”

-Yep. He was right up in my face staring at me. I turned back to watch the show and he kept staring at the side of my face.

-What did you do?

-I put my hand up to my ear and started acting like he was trying to say something and I couldn’t hear him, like, “What? What?”

-Oh man.

-Yeah, so he sort of nudged his nose into my cheek, and all I can think is, “Did you just nuzzle me?” So I started laughing, and that pissed him off.