Mighty Life List
Oct 23 2002

That’s Right

The guy who has temporarily taken over the office behind me is fantastic. He’s like a caricature of a salesman. I know this should annoy me, but his enthusiasm is so entertaining that it’s become endearing. Overhearing half of his phone conversations is almost like watching a Kids In the Hall routine. He doesn’t talk, he yells. Better yet, he yells even when he’s talking to himself. Evidence a recent conversation with his grandfather:

I’ll tell you what! Here’s what we’re gonna do. You ready?

I’m gonna get myself over there, and we’re gonna watch ourselves a BASEBALL GAME!

That’s right!

We’re gonna watch the Giants PUMMEL those guys, right Grampy?…

Heh heh. I am an optimist. That’s right!..

Glass half FULL, right?

You taught me that, eh?

Ha!HA! That’s right!

So I’ll see you tonight there, old man

Yep. Sure will!

See you then.

(Hangs up.)


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