Mighty Life List
Sep 30 2002


They just posted my last piece in the etiquette series for The Morning News. It’s called
Don’t Be Rude: Part IV, Weddings. Now I can only hope that no one holds me to my own standards.

Sep 26 2002

A Solid Start

This morning, I stumbled into the bathroom, put the toothpaste on my toothbrush, and dropped it in the toilet. Things can only get better.

Sep 24 2002

Corporate Dollars At Work!

Kaiser Permanente has a kid-outreach program called, wait for it, “Nightmare on Puberty Street.” As you can see, Kaiser has it’s corporate finger on the pulse of America’s youth culture. Nightmare on Elm Street was first released in 1984, five years before most of these kids were born. Note the actor’s stylish peach T-shirt, striped baseball cap, and overalls. I can only hope they rap.

Sep 23 2002


I did another 20 Things swap. “Unsupervised” is in the upper left corner.


She’s under arrest for repeatedly punching her four-year-old daughter. Her name is Madelyne Gorman Toogood.


I stood at the register indecisively, a copy of BUST in one hand, and Weddingbells Magazine in the other.

Sep 19 2002

Things You Can Learn From Reference Books

Cheese rhymes with gum disease.

And Pekingese.

Sep 17 2002


Three things I like:

  • People who hum along with songs in stores.
  • Bright socks with somber outfits.
  • Black women’s voices.

Three things I do not like:

  • The intensely defined spaces between your teeth when you’ve just had them cleaned.
  • Removing dark fingernail polish to find that my nails aren’t clean.
  • The muffled “pink!” that moths make when they butt against the porch light in the dark.
Sep 16 2002

what if We Had a War and